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Whether you're coming into Dickinson for the state's superb recreation and tourism, a business stop, or just flying the clear-blue North Dakota skies, Western Edge Aviation, LLC. provides full FBO services with a professional, fast, and friendly atmosphere! Because you are at WEA, you'll have access to everything from on-demand repair service to a clean, comfortable, home-like lounge. From first class accommodations for yourself and your passengers, to extra special pampering of your aircraft, at Western Edge Aviation, LLC. , "We Do Whatever It Takes!"

  • 24-hr Self-Service 100 Low-Lead Fuel
  • 100LL
  • JetA/additive
  • Quick-turn service
  • Certified A&P/IA on staff
  • Ground Power (GPU) - Portable Start Cart
  • De-icing
  • Pre-heat Service
  • Free ample parking and tiedowns
  • Heated and cold hangar space
  • Courtesy Car
  • Car/SUV Rental
  • Catering
  • Free Coffee and ice
  • Comfortable, home-like pilot lounge
  • Computerized Weather (Not PanAm)
  • Maintenance Available
  • Private briefing/planning room
  • Quite "snooze" room
  • Satisfaction of a perfect North Dakota flying experience!
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